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CleanSwitch touchless switch

Contact surfaces – and in particular, door handles – are responsible for spreading vast amounts of bacteria and viruses, some of which can pose a real risk to health.  CleanSwitch provides a contact-free, hygienic method of opening doors. It works by means of a deliberate hand gesture within the detection range of 10 to 60 centimetres – helping to stop germs in their tracks. Thanks to its attractive design featuring coloured LED feedback, CleanSwitch is an appealing, user-friendly addition to its environment. To ensure that it can be used without any problems in particularly moist or wet environments, CleanSwitch offers reliable protection that meets IP65.

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CleanSwitch has been specifi cally developed for use in buildings subject to strict hygiene requirements, such as healthcare facilities, sanitary areas and the catering industry. It activates entrance points using a contact-free method – a deliberate gesture made by the user – and otherwise keeps doors closed. This helps to prevent the spread of germs. CleanSwitch can also be treated with any standard cleaning agent or disinfectant.

Easy installation

The intelligent way in which the system has been designed ensures it is compatible with all standard fl ush-mounted boxes. CleanSwitch is extremely quick and easy to install. Set-up of the device is an intuitive process that requires no tools – and the integrated short guide provides a helping hand.


CleanSwitch's visually appealing, straightforward design can be adapted in a whole range of ways to suit customers' preferences. It takes just a few seconds to change the colour, level of brightness and mode of the optical feedback – without tools. Not only that, but Bircher also supplies a wide selection of pictograms that can be printed onto the front of the device to make it even more userfriendly. Customised pictograms and logos can also be applied on request.

Easy integration

Opening and locking doors

CleanSwitch Lock locks the access in a contact-free way in response to a deliberate gesture – and the door is kept closed.

The contact-free switch is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications where it is required to both open and lock doors, such as in health care facilities, laboratories and public sanitary areas. The CleanSwitch Lock is very easy to connect electrically to any door controller via a potential-free output.

Displaying door states

When the CleanSwitch Lock is integrated in a system, the switch LED display can be used to indicate the door state in a similar way to a traffic light control (red/green) in order to signal whether a WC or a lock is occupied. When locked, the CleanSwitch activation function is disabled to prevent the door from being opened either inadvertently or for unauthorised access. The CleanSwitch Lock also eliminates the need for additional components, display elements and locking systems.

Accustomed convenience and service

All basic functions of the CleanSwitch are also available with the CleanSwitch Lock. Installation is made easy thanks to intuitive operation and simple handling. The configuration table enables you to quickly customise individual pictograms, housing colours, accessories and switch ranges to suit your requirements.