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Folding doors at a bus depot

Folding door

  • Opening and closing in good time
  • Reliable activation and safe stopping
  • Safety for people and vehicles

Detectors for folding doors

Microwave motion detectors and loop detectors from BBC Bircher Smart Access activate your automatic folding door reliably.

While microwave motion detectors sense practically every movement, thus triggering an opening pulse at the gate, the loop detector switches when it recognises metallic vehicles. 

We recommend mounting electrical safety edges on the closing edges to protect against being trapped or crushed. The ExpertSystem XRF wireless radio transmission system has proven itself in the field of wear-free data transmission. This combination of components ensures that optimum safety is achieved in the area around your folding door. 

Protection and activation of folding doors


The following products are ideally suited to this application area:


Microwave motion detectors
Helios 2T
Herkules 2E
RK 30

Loop detector
ProLoop Lite



Wireless signal transmission system
ExpertSystem XRF

Electrical safety edge system
ExpertSystem XL
Safety edges  

Electrical safety mats
Contact mats

Signal evaluation
Switching devices

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