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Hyperion 3D

  • Intelligent, height-adaptive door control saves up to 64% energy
  • Auto-configuration and mobile app for wireless access to sensor parameters
  • Energy calculator demonstrates potential savings

Hyperion 3D Smart energy saving solution to make industrial doors sustainable and intelligent

Hyperion 3D is the innovative energy saving solution for industrial doors from BBC Bircher Smart Access. The sensor system allows for an automatic and adaptive door opening – the door opens as late as possible and just as much as required to then close as soon as possible. Hyperion 3D can measure, analyse and monitor the size, speed and moving direction of objects as well as differenciate between people and vehicles. It is intelligent – Hyperion 3D commands the door if and when to open, when to stop and also when to close. Energy loss through air infiltration is therefore reduced to the minimum.

Advantages and customer benefits


  • Prevents unnecessary openings by smart 3D monitoring of door surrounding
  • New level of cross-traffic masking and object characterisation
  • Precise door opening height for every vehicle or person passing allows for high energy savings
  • Energy calculator evaluates potential energy savings


Plug&play installation

  • Self-calibrating sensor system automatically evaluates door surroundings and door parameters, e.g. door height and speed
  • Highly visible multicolor LED shows operation mode of sensor
  • Mobile app to fine-tune settings and visualise door statistics


Smart activation

  • Different detection and presence zones to meet every application’s requirements
  • Three-dimensional monitoring of the door on both sides
  • Multisensoric system with centralised data analysis and communication with the door control


Compatibility and retrofit

  • Possibility to connect to every existing standard controller on the market (open, stop, close)
  • Easy retrofit of existing doors

Technical data

Mechanical data
Mounting height 2.5 to 7.5 m
Connection type Cable 12 m, 12 × 0.25 mm2
Housing material -M/-S Aluminum, PC ABS GF20
Colour Black
Dimensions -M/-S 260 × 110 × 55 mm
-H 135 × 55 × 75 mm
Weight -M/-S Ca. 830 g (with mounting bracket)
-H Ca. 270 g (with batteries)
Technology data
Technology -M/-S Stereoscopy
-H Laser Class 1
Detection mode Motion / presence
Max. detection speed 20 km/h
Outputs 3 (open, stop, close), PhotoMOS 50 mA/48 V
Pulse lengths (kit-1W) 200 ms
Additional IN/OUTputs Upon inquiry
Electrical data
Operating voltage 24 VDC ±15%
Power consumption 5 W
System description
Industrial door Speed 0.1 to 1.5 m/s, height 2 to 10 m
Detection zone* Width Min. 3 m, max. 2 x mounting height
Depth Min. 2 m, max. 2 x Montagehöhe
Presence zone* Width Min. 2 m, max. 1.5 x mounting height
Depth Min. 1 m, max. 3 m
Ambient conditions
Protection class IP65
Operating temperature –30° C to +65°C
Storage temperature 0° C bis +40°C
Air humidity 0% to 95% relative, without condesation
2014/35/EG Low voltage directive
2014/30/EG Electromagnetic directive
RED 2014/53/EU Radio directive
EN 62471 Fotobiologic safety
EN 300 328 Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM)
IEC 60529:2013 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)
IEC 60068-2-64:2008 Environmental testing
-M/-S = Hyperion 3D-M (Master sensor) / Hyperion 3D-S (Slave sensor)
-H = Hyperion 3D-H (Height sensor)
* = Objects up to 0.3 m height are ignored

Success Stories – References

Success Story "AMAG"

Car service
AMAG, Switzerland

Hyperion 3D boosts productivity and saves energy

to Success Story


Success Story "Pneu Egger"

Tyre repair shop
Pneu Egger, Switzerland
Save energy automatically with Hyperion 3D
to Success Story



Energy savings in each application


  • Production building
  • Mixed use
    (truck, car, forklift)
  • Sectional door (5 × 5 m)
  • 90 cycles per day with
    10 seconds hold up time


8749 kWh or 46% potential
energy saving with Hyperion 3D


  • Warehouse
  • Forklift use
  • High speed spiral door
    (4.5 × 4 m)
  • 220 cycles per day with
    10 seconds hold up time


4316 kWh or 57%
potential energy saving
with Hyperion 3D


  • Logistics center
  • Truck use
  • Sectional door (5 × 4.5 m)
  • 45 cycles per day with
    25 seconds hold up time


3425 kWh or 25%
potential energy saving
with Hyperion 3D

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