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InTra6 inductive signal transmission system


  • System that can be installed invisibly with compact components that can be integrated easily
  • Low operating costs 

InTra6 inductive signal transmission

The InTra6 transfers the status of the pressure-sensitive safety edges mounted on the mobile part of the sliding gate, securely and contact-free, by means of inductive signal transmission.

Information is transmitted by converter and steel cable via a coil to the switching device. Stationary safety edges are connected directly to the switching device.

The InTra6 is a pioneering further refinement to inductive signal transmission. The LCD display makes the product easier to use and can be adjusted to various situations.

More on the technology

InTra6 signal transmission system on the access gate

Use on sliding gate at site entrance

The InTra6 reliably evaluates all three safety edge circuits on the primary closing edge and those on the two stationary secondary closing edges.

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