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Detector switch with infrared technology

  • Provides protection at crushing and shearing edges, primary and secondary closing edges; also functions as moving collision protection

Infrared detector for activating and protecting doors and gates

Active infrared presence detectors monitor a defined zone for moving people and objects. 

Activ infrared

The presence detector is able to emit infrared beams itself and to evaluate any shift in the frequency range. To this end, the detector runs via background analysis, i.e. the detector corresponds with the background and uses it as a reflector. It therefore detects all the people and objects moving within its detection area and the switching operation is triggered on the door being monitored.

The following products are based on activ infrared technology:

       PrimeScan A

       PrimeScan B




       Helios 2T

Light barrier




Passive infrared

Passive infrared motion detectors measure and compare infrared beams in their detection zones. They function passively and do not emit any infrared beams themselves. As soon as an object enters the detection zone of a PIR motion detector, the object's thermal radiation is routed via lenses to detector elements and a switching operation is triggered. The object's temperature must always differ from that of its environment by more than 2 °C and it must be moving at a minimum speed of 10 cm/s. The greater the temperature difference between the moving object and its environment, the higher the response sensitivity of a passive infrared detector.

The following products are based on activ passive technology:

      PIR 20

      PIR 30

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