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BBC Bircher expands the ExpertSystem

High-performance door protection now includes an additional profile

The ExpertSystem from BBC Bircher Smart Access is a highly developed modular security solution that has been specially designed for perimeter protection and access gates. The previous solution with pressure-sensitive edges in three sizes (99, 74 and 49 mm) now includes one more: With its compact 42 mm profile and long overtravel with short reaction times, the new pressure-sensitive edge is also suitable for the domestic gate market. In addition, all components of the ExpertSystem – pressure-sensitive edges from the XL series and XRF radio transmission – are consistently designed for high safety, scalability, fast installation and long-lasting operation.


Minimal response forces and fast reaction times

Based on decades of experience with pressure-sensitive edges and radio systems, BBC Bircher Smart Access has developed the ExpertSystem – a modular safety system for automatic access points. It consists of the ExpertSystem XL pressure-sensitive edge system, which is suitable for self-assembly, and the innovative wireless ExpertSystem XRF signal transmission solution. The radio system automatically selects the appropriate safety architecture for each controller (safety level PLd cat. 2 or cat. 3) and features a very wide range.


Maximum personal and object protection in every application

Comprising the XL-CP42A pressure-sensitive edge and XL-AP24 aluminium profile, the system extension offers a high level of performance for fast reaction times at high door speeds. During development, the focus was on implementing the highest possible force/displacement performance: With contact travel of just 2.5 mm and an initial force of 40 N, a relatively very long overtravel is achieved, which ensures a high level of object and personal protection.


Economical thanks to self-assembly and easy installation

In addition to pure performance values, the developers at BBC Bircher Smart Access focused on fast assembly and simple installation: The steps involved in installing the ExpertSystem have been designed to be as efficient and intuitive as possible. The brilliant design ensures that both the pressure-sensitive edge and the radio transmission function are ready for use in just a few simple steps. Thanks to self-assembly, pluggable connections and the optional quick-fix system, installation time and maintenance effort are significantly reduced, which also lowers service costs and overall outlay. For optimal integration into logistical processes, BBC Bircher Smart Access offers its customers three different service models.


The new XL-CP42A pressure-sensitive edge and the XL-AP24 aluminium profile in the ExpertSystem range are available from 15 April 2021.


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