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BBC Bircher launches ExpertLine modular safety edge system

For experts, by experts

Developed by BBC Bircher Smart Access, ExpertLine is the new generation of safety edges for door and gate applications – and represents the company’s vision for pressure-sensitive edge technology. Through ExpertLine, developers at Bircher have combined all the key features required of safety edges in one single product line. The rapid switching behaviour and long overtravel provided by ExpertLine system makes it vitally useful in achieving safe door and gate operation in line with DIN EN 12453 safety standards. Not only that, but their straightforward assembly also saves time and feature an attractive, durable design. All in all, ExpertLine is a pressure-sensitive edge range made for experts, by experts.


ExpertLine includes three switching profiles of different heights (49 mm, 74 mm and 99 mm), with matching end caps. Rounding off the product range are a new contact end piece, an improved aluminium rail, a terminating resistor connector, plus connection and extension cables. The rubber profile measuring 49 mm high will be launched in summer 2019, but all other components will be available via the Bircher sales network from 2 April onwards. ExpertLine represents the sensor element in Bircher’s ExpertSystem: exhibited at the BAU 2019 trade fair, this is a wireless, maintenance-free protection solution for sliding gates and vertical doors, and features integrated radio transmission.


Zero-compromise safety at every door and gate
Day after day, door and gate builders and installers are faced with the challenge of balancing faster door and gate speeds while continuing to satisfy stricter safety regulations – ExpertLine helps them to walk this tightrope confidently. Thanks to a short switching distance of 3 mm and a cleverly designed cross section, ExpertLine profiles begin switching at forces of around 35 N. The long, smooth overtravel delivered by the edges minimises the impact time of the force produced by the door or gate panel closing. With their large effective activation areas and angles, the contact profiles provide reliable protection even in the case of lateral actuation. This gives ExpertLine a decisive advantage in applications involving rotating door leaves of folding doors or bi-folding gates.


Sophisticated system components for significant time savings
ExpertLine is available from Bircher in the form of preassembled edges, edge kits with a standard length of 2 m, or a modular system for self-assembly. The company is also able to supply the kits in longer lengths if required. Thanks to its innovative system structure, assembling the ExpertLine safety edges provided in the edge kit takes hardly any time at all – enabling customers to benefit from shorter delivery or assembly times. The new contact end piece establishes contact in the arcing chamber of the profile, and the trigger-safe plug connectors make wiring a breeze. The coated profile foot, meanwhile, ensures that pushing the contact profile into the aluminium profile is a quick, effortless process.


Appealing in every way
Thanks to its outstanding levels of sensitivity and its long, unrestricted plasticity, ExpertLine is able to accommodate a comparatively low profile height. The profiles cover the aluminium rail and the end cap seals off the sensing profile at both ends, allowing ExpertLine to integrate unobtrusively into the application. The material used for the product range, EPDM, maintains its technical and colour-fast properties over many years. With the new generation of edges also satisfying the criteria of protection class IP67, ExpertLine is perfectly placed to withstand mechanical loads, moisture, and changing weather conditions within a temperature range of -20 to 60°C.


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