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BBC Bircher launches Helios 2T for industrial doors

Combined microwave motion and AIR presence detector will enhance portfolio

BBC Bircher Smart Access is launching its new Helios 2T door detector on 27th June. Helios 2T is a combined microwave motion and AIR (active infrared) presence detector designed for industrial doors measuring up to six metres in height. The combined detector is an Optex development that BBC Bircher is marketing under the name Helios 2T via its European sales network. Through Helios 2T, BBC Bircher is completing its unique and extensive range of products and solutions for making doors more productive and sustainable. 

Mobile app and user-friendly design

A mobile app is available for adjusting the Helios 2T settings with ease, and can be downloaded free of charge for both iOS and Android. The intuitive user interface can be operated in seven different languages, while the compact design of the detector makes it quick and easy to install. With fixing screws on the side of the housing and a clear scale, microwave and AIR fields can be positioned with precision independently of one another. The plug-in-and-go connection cable also reduces the amount of installation work required. An LED ring on the device provides visual feedback by displaying the operating status of the detector at any given moment.


Adapting flexibly to any application 

Every application has its own set of unique challenges – but Helios 2T is able to rise to these diverse requirements thanks to detection areas that can be positioned and extended to accommodate different needs. Individual AIR points can be switched on or off using the app, for example. The additional AUX output provides the option of connecting a warning device. If a vehicle is detected in the early detection field in front of the building, Helios 2T activates a connected warning light. The inside goods traffic is consequently warned that a vehicle is approaching to prevent potential collisions – before the door even starts to open.


Professional energy-saving functions

Lengthy door opening times consume large quantities of energy in industrial buildings. Helios 2T features three functions that are designed to cut down on this significantly: cross traffic masking, object recognition and direction recognition. Cross traffic masking and direction recognition prevent mis-tripping caused by factors such as vehicles manoeuvring in the detection field. Object recognition, meanwhile, guides people away from the door if they do not necessarily need to use it, taking them to side doors or wicket doors instead. 


“Its multifunctional properties make this smart detector a genuine all-rounder in applications involving industrial doors”, says Ralf Kessinger, Technical Consultant at BBC Bircher Smart Access. “It has compact dimensions that allow it to be installed almost anywhere. There is also a lot less time and effort involved in adjusting the detector fields, as the field angles can be read directly from the detector housing. We particularly love the user-friendly option of setting parameters using the smartphone app. This makes it possible to adapt the detector functions to the application in a few minutes flat.”


Download Helios 2T Brochure

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