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BBC Bircher Smart Access wins Red Dot Design Award 2018

CleanSwitch featuring exceptional product design

The Red Dot jury honours CleanSwitch with the Red Dot Design Award. BBC Bircher Smart Access developed the contact-free switch, which has been available since January 2018, together with industrial designer duo, Bernhard Burkard. The panel of experts was impressed by the premium design of CleanSwitch that it chose to award it with the internationally recognised hallmark of quality. CleanSwitch could thus pravail over more than 6300 entries from 59 nations in this year’s competition.


CleanSwitch with outstanding features

With its clean design and colour LED feedback, CleanSwitch is an exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly switch solution. What’s more, CleanSwitch can also be adapted in a whole host of different ways to suit customer requirements: it takes just a few seconds to change the colour, brightness and mode of the optical feedback – with no tools necessary. BBC Bircher also offers a wide range of pictograms that can be printed onto the front of the device.


“When we talk about a product having a good design, it’s about more than just an attractive exterior. The products all stand out from the crowd thanks to their outstanding functionality. This demonstrates that the designers have really understood their customers and their needs,” explains Professor Peter Zec, Initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Awards.


“The entire team at BBC Bircher is thoroughly delighted that CleanSwitch has won the Red Dot Design Award,” explains Christoph Schlott, Business Development Manager at BBC Bircher Smart Access. “After a hugely successful product launch, this international award has exceeded our expectations yet again and is testament to the outstanding performance of everyone involved. And with that in mind, special thanks must also go to our design partners, Bernhard Burkard. Design quality is a crucial factor for BBC Bircher when it comes to offering users a unique experience and setting our solutions apart from the competition on a whole new level. We will be immensely proud to feature the renowned winner’s label on our product.”


Exceptional design since 1955

With its origins dating back to 1955, the Red Dot Award for Product Design is presented to the best products of every year. True to the motto “in search of good design and innovation”, a jury of around 40 people evaluates the products on an individual basis and also looks at their originality. The stringent evaluation criteria, which include the level of innovation, functionality, technical quality, ergonomics and durability, form a basic framework that the jurors then complement with their expertise.


The special “Design on Stage” exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum Essen runs for four weeks to display the award-winning innovations, making it the world’s largest showcase of contemporary designs.


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