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Categorically safe: BBC Bircher launches the world’s first wireless transmission system with PLd and category 3

BBC Bircher Smart Access presents its latest RFGate 3 wireless transmission system for safety edges. Faster gates paired with a high need for security can prove challenging when selecting essential safety equipment for gates and also on the signal transmission of tactile sensors. Large temperature differences, sources of interference and harsh ambient conditions also impair the functionality of the protection system. To overcome this and ensure a high level of safety, BBC Bircher is taking its new RFGate 3 wireless signal transmission system with performance level d (PLd) and category 3 rating to the next level.


Next level of safety

RFGate 3 with category 3 is self-monitoring and eliminates the need for connecting a test output. By removing this potential source of errors, installers benefit from a straightforward and speedy commissioning process. This enables secure safety edge monitoring at every controller – even without a test output. By shifting the safety-relevant functions from the controller to the wireless transmission system, RFGate 3 meets the highest level of safety required on the market while simultaneously simplifying the commissioning process.


Design meets performance

BBC Bircher has installed its latest wireless system into a slimline, uniform housing with protection class IP65 and integrated cable strain relief. The developers have designed it so that the connection cables can be routed from four sides. In this way, RFGate 3 stands out not only for its elegant integration into the gate design, but also for its strong performance, as the wireless system can simultaneously ensure high interference immunity with a wireless range of up to 100 m. The devices for the RFGate 3 system use less power, meaning batteries last for up to two years. 


Modular solution for every gate

The RFGate 3 wireless transmission system currently consists of four modular components: a transmitter, a wicket door transmitter, and both a one-channel and two-channel receiver. Each channel on a receiver can be linked to up to seven transmitters. As a result, the RFGate 3 system used in conjunction with BBC Bircher safety edges provides comprehensive closing edge protection for all types of gates and industrial doors.


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