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CleanSwitch inhibits the spread of pathogens

Hygienic accesses reduce the risk of infection from door handles

The spread of Covid-19 poses enormous challenges for all of us and influences the coexistence of people all over the world. A prudent approach to hygiene is the order of the day. Personal consideration and prudence are required of each individual in order to reduce the rapidly increasing infection rate.

Every contact is an exchange. We do not only pick up germs from people and objects, but we also leave them behind ourselves. On door handles, door knobs or light switches, viruses and bacteria are applied through direct contact with the surface and thus spread further.

In particularly hygienically demanding areas such as clinics, toilets, retirement homes, and public buildings, the contactless and automatic opening of doors has proven itself to be a more hygienic solution. Here it is also important that doors cannot be opened inadvertently and regularly. Conscious action on the part of the user is required for proper operation. Contactless switches such as CleanSwitch are ideal for this application.

A simple hand movement in the detection area is sufficient to open a door. The CleanSwitch hygiene switch has an adjustable detection range, a clearly visible optical feedback via LED and clear, individually selectable pictograms. Contact by persons and the exchange of viruses and bacteria are reliably prevented.

The function and operation is simple and clearly visible for all persons. Existing automatic doors can be retrofitted quickly and inexpensively without great effort. For surface disinfection, e.g. in hospitals, all standard disinfectants can be used.

At this point we would like to express our solidarity with all employees of hospitals, medical practices and food retailers. This is why our employees in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Sweden are now working from home. Our production and logistics have switched to shift operation in order to maintain the necessary distance.


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