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CleanSwitch Lock for WC and lock applications

BBC Bircher expands the CleanSwitch range with additional functions

BBC Bircher Smart Access is delighted to present its new CleanSwitch Lock – a contact-free hygiene switch from the successful CleanSwitch range. This innovative product features an extended range of functions for WC and lock applications. 

The fight against COVID 19 is prompting increasingly widespread use of contact-free access systems. CleanSwitch is already replacing conventional door openers in many different fields, enabling hygienic and barrier-free access systems. 

With its attractive design, visual LED display, adaptable set-up with various pictograms, housing colours and integration options for different switch ranges, CleanSwitch has successfully established itself as one of the most popular hygiene switches. 

The new CleanSwitch Lock provides additional functions for opening and locking doors as well as displaying the door state.


Opening and locking doors

CleanSwitch Lock locks the access in a contact-free way in response to a deliberate gesture – and the door is kept closed.

The contact-free switch is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications where it is required to both open and lock doors, such as in health care facilities, laboratories and public sanitary areas. The CleanSwitch Lock is very easy to connect electrically to any door controller via a potential-free output.


Displaying door states

When the CleanSwitch Lock is integrated in a system, the switch LED display can be used to indicate the door state in a similar way to a traffic light control (red/green) in order to signal whether a WC or a lock is occupied. When locked, the CleanSwitch activation function is disabled to prevent the door from being opened either inadvertently or for unauthorised access. The CleanSwitch Lock also eliminates the need for additional components, display elements and locking systems.


Accustomed convenience and service

All basic functions of the CleanSwitch are also available with the CleanSwitch Lock. Installation is made easy thanks to intuitive operation and simple handling. The configuration table enables you to quickly customise individual pictograms, housing colours, accessories and switch ranges to suit your requirements.


Download the CleanSwitch Lock brochure

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