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CleanSwitch opens doors with a simple wave

Bircher presents a contact-free switch for hygienic areas

BBC Bircher Smart Access, formerly Bircher Reglomat, presents the new CleanSwitch switch for contact-free door activation. CleanSwitch was specially developed for use in areas with strict hygiene requirements and will be available from 5 January 2018.


Any place in which groups of people are found can be a breeding ground for germs and other pathogens. Contact surfaces – and particularly door handles – are responsible for spreading vast amounts of bacteria and viruses, some of which can pose a real risk to health. CleanSwitch activates entrance points using a contact-free method via a deliberate gesture made by the user and prevents the spread of pathogens in a simple and efficient manner.


Focus on hygiene

The contact-free switch is ideal for a wide range of applications, including hospitals, public sanitary areas or the catering industry. CleanSwitch ensures compliance with the high hygiene standards that govern patient care in healthcare facilities or food preparation in catering businesses. The front of the detector can be treated with standard cleaning agents and disinfectants without damaging the material.



CleanSwitch's visually appealing, straightforward design can be adapted in a whole range of ways to suit customers' preferences: the illuminated, high-contrast LED feedback allows users to operate the detector intuitively. In addition, Bircher offers a selection of device fronts with various pictograms. Bircher can also supply fronts with customised pictograms or customer logos on request. The CleanSwitch hygiene switch is also available as a basic version without optical LED feedback.


Installed in just a few simple steps

The intelligent way in which the system has been designed ensures it is compatible with all standard flush-mounted boxes. Furthermore, it is extremely quick and easy to install. The device settings, including brightness, LED colour and detection mode, can be set intuitively without the need for tools, and the integrated short guide provides an extra helping hand. The variable detection zone can be set between 0.1 and 0.5 metres. CleanSwitch offers two detection modes: the pulse mode switches when movement is detected and returns the detector to its initial state after a set period of time. In toggle mode, CleanSwitch changes its activation state every time a hand movement is detected.


“When designing our CleanSwitch, our main aim was to meet each and every requirement of the various industry groups in full,” explains Christoph Schlott, Business Development Manager at BBC Bircher Smart Access. “We analysed the stringent requirements of end users, installers and architects in detail and incorporated the results directly into our product development. These requirements are clearly reflected in the design, handling and user-friendliness of the product. To round off our unique range for B2B customers, there are all kinds of adaptations available, whether it is for individual projects or standard products.”