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Creating more networking and digitization

How BBC Bircher Smart Access drives communication in the company

Stronger networking among the business units, employer branding and a heightened presence in the digital space: BBC Bircher Smart Access continues to expand communications and marketing.


Efficient and target group-specific communication processes are essential for successful companies, especially if they are globally positioned. The experts in sensors and access systems at BBC Bircher Smart Access (“any access smart and safe”) have been working on this for years, promoting exchange and networking at different levels and with a variety of tools – from digital platforms through virtual and face-to-face meetings to social media and their creative as well as digital content.


Stay connected, share knowledge and grow content together


Every three months, the entire company comes together – both in person at the headquarters in Beringen as well as globally and virtually – to foster dialog between the company management, the departments and the staff, to present results and goals, and to promote social interaction at the traditional aperitif. The employee magazine “ONE BSA” is also central to internal communication at BBC Bircher Smart Access: As a printed and digital medium, it serves as a forum for exchange between different business units such as HR, Product Development and Finance.


“It is also a key means for colleagues around the world, for example in France, China and the U.S., to let each other know what is happening in the region and in the company itself and what new developments there are,” says Dr. Denis Marschel, Head of Marketing and Communications at BBC Bircher Smart Access. “This can involve technologies, people or changes in the environment – or all of the above.”


Equally important for the company’s local and global networking are modern communication tools. Internally, BBC BIrcher Smart Access relies on Microsoft Teams as the central platform in conjunction with SharePoint as the data management solution. This ensures a high degree of digital interaction among employees as well as 24/7 availability and use of the central content, regardless of time or location.


Strengthen the brand and promote a presence – in particular in the digital world


From within the company, BBC Bircher Smart Access is increasingly focusing on digital communications in addition to global press and media relations. Marschel continues by saying that, “With the latest appointments of digital communications specialists, we have brought a young expert onto the team who will take us even further and faster in terms of online communications and social media.” For example, the number of followers on LinkedIn has doubled in just one and a half years – the platform is important not least for attracting specialists and young talent to the company.


In order to be able to promote the image and visibility of BBC Bircher Smart Access in a targeted manner, with a key focus on brand communication, the MarCom team follows continuous training through seminars, workshops and various participations in international marketing conferences.


Last but not least, BBC Bircher Smart Access participates in a number of door and gate industry trade fairs and events around the world every year in order to network with customers and the media and to showcase its solutions and innovations in person. In conclusion, Dr. Denis Marschel states that, “Whether it’s with regard to product development, sales support or recruitment, the right communication is always pivotal. With target group-oriented, success-controlled and increasingly digitally-driven communication, we support central business processes and, not least, promote knowledge exchange, identification and motivation within the company.”