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Door and gate protection without compromise thanks to ExpertSystem

BBC Bircher launches comprehensive safety solution

With its launch of ExpertSystem, BBC Bircher Smart Access is introducing an integrable, modular door and gate protection solution consisting of the high-performance safety edge series ExpertSystem XL (formerly: ExpertLine) and the new "ExpertSystem XRF" radio transmission system. The system has been developed primarily with perimeter protection and access gates in mind, but is also suitable for vertical doors and revolving doors. All of it’s components have been developed with an unwavering focus on safety, scalability, fast installation and a long service life.


Safety without compromise – from a single source 

BBC Bircher Smart Access drew on its decades of experience in pressure-sensitive edges and radio technology when developing this solution – it is the first comprehensive safety system intended for automatic access systems. ExpertSystem incorporates the familiar, self-assembly ExpertLine pressure-sensitive edge system – newly marketed with the name ExpertSystem XL – and the XRF radio system, which is a completely new development. In this all-new solution, BBC Bircher Smart Access combines pressure-sensitive edges with wireless signal transmission systems to form a scalable, modular solution for automatic door and gate access protection. As the pressure-sensitive edge and signal transmission technology are integrated, the system as a whole is self-contained and fully harmonised. This gives users the assurance they need that doors and gates opening and closing at high speeds will benefit from consistent protection in line with the relevant standards. The new radio system automatically selects the appropriate safety architecture for each controller (safety level PLd Cat. 2 or Cat. 3) and features an exceptional range. The radio transmitter, which can be integrated into the pressure-sensitive edge out of sight, is especially suitable for applications in which looks really matter – and its battery life of at least seven years cuts down on the amount of servicing it requires. The system also delivers outstanding performance as the radio link operates with minimum response power and an extremely fast response time, significantly reducing the response time of the door or gate system as a whole. Thanks to this, it is possible to use smaller pressure-sensitive edges than standard solutions available on the market, even at higher travel speeds.


Modular system structure allows for scalability 

Its modular system structure enables ExpertSystem to fit effortlessly into a range of applications: sliding gates, swing doors, folding doors, vertical doors and revolving doors alike. In addition to three highly sensitive sensing profiles and six aluminium rails, ExpertSystem features three radio transmitters and three innovative receivers. The system is complemented by a wide range of accessories, connecting cables and an external antenna, opening it up to a whole variety of possible uses. The modular nature of the system makes it possible to provide protection for any standard door or gate configuration, and stationary pressure-sensitive edges can be wired directly to the new receiver in the DIN housing. Coupled with the long battery life, this results in the system incurring much lower overall costs.


Clever design for a cost-effective, sustainable product 

Developers at BBC Bircher Smart Access have added numerous smart features to ExpertSystem with the aim of making assembly and installation as efficient and intuitive as possible. The brilliant system design ensures that both the pressure-sensitive edge and the radio transmission function are ready for use in just a few simple steps. The product can be self-assembled and features plug-in connections and an optional quick-fastening system, significantly reducing installation time, the number of service call-outs needed, and how long servicing takes. This cuts down on storage, maintenance and investment costs as a whole. Not only that, but the three service models available also ensure that ExpertSystem can be integrated perfectly into the customer’s logistics system.


To quote Heinz Macher, CTO at BBC Bircher Smart Access: “ExpertSystem is like Lego – it’s simple, it’s clever, and it can do anything you want it to.”


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