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Elegant, wireless, safe – Bircher presents new radio transmitter for monitoring wicket doors

BBC Bircher Smart Access is launching the second generation of its wireless wicket door switch to the market. The new RFGate 2.1.W2.S radio transmitter is replacing its predecessor and is available from Bircher with immediate effect. 

  • PLc and Category 2 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Quick and simple installation with screws or adhesive pads
  • Attractive design

In addition to small vehicles and forklifts, people also have to pass through overhead and sectional doors on a daily basis. Having a wicket door in the door panel reduces the number of opening and closing procedures, enabling valuable resources to be saved and the service life of the door to be extended. In order to avoid accidents and damage to property nearby to wicket doors, their state must be reliably monitored – before the door opens. 


System-based safety

With the new RFGate 2.1.W2.S wicket door transmitter, Bircher is now offering the ideal accompaniment to its tried-and-tested RFGate 2 radio transmission system for sectional doors incorporating a wicket door. When the wicket door is open, the transmitter triggers a signal and transmits it via the receiver to the controller, which stops the door immediately. The RFGate 2 system therefore provides comprehensive protection against hazards for all types of industrial door.


Reliable and durable

RFGate 2.1.W2.S has been tested and approved to PLc and Category 2 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. Installed in an elegant housing, the transmitter satisfies protection class IP65. As a result, RFGate 2.1.W2.S is also suitable for outdoor use and in wet environments.


Installed in just a few simple steps

The new wicket door transmitter can either be screwed in using the supplied template or attached with the adhesive pads. In each case, installation and commissioning takes just a matter of minutes. Thanks to its attractive design, the transmitter is integrated harmoniously into the area around the door. A red LED on the transmitter starts to flash as soon as the door's state changes. The LED can also be seen if the housing cover is closed.


Download RFGate 2 brochure

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