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Expansion of the S-Line safety edge series

Two new miniature safety edge profiles for barrier protection

BBC Bircher Smart Access presents the latest additions to the S-Line safety edge series in the form of the new profiles EPE016/026A0T and EPE016/026J2T (with sealing lips). The two new profiles are the first in the S-Line safety edge series to click into the holding rail laterally in the same way as the CoverLine series. As a result of the lateral attachment principle, the aluminium or plastic mounting rail is completely concealed. This results in a uniform appearance that blends harmoniously even into demanding designs.


Specific development combined with versatile applications

The profile was specially developed for mounting on gates and barrier systems which have complex design requirements and guarantees improved safety standards at the same time. Furthermore, the new aluminium mounting rail – which features a concave shape that is unique on the market – holds the rounded shape of the barrier arm perfectly.


High response sensitivity for reliable protection

As is already the case for certain profiles in the CoverLine series with ENT-R contact strips (20 mm), the arcing chamber on the EPE016/026A0T is in an upstream position within the profile. As a result, less force is needed to trigger a switch and therefore to stop the closing procedure. Just 55 N of response power and 3 mm actuating travel is enough to activate the safety edge.


Easy assembly thanks to reduced arcing chamber height

With the optimised position of the arcing chamber and the patented Chamber Height Reduction Effect, the ENT-7 contact strip can be fully fed in effortlessly. As soon as you click the profile laterally into the holding rail, the chamber height decreases by several millimetres, thereby reducing the response travel by this distance.


Both profiles come with a wide range of accessories

Alongside the profiles, Bircher is launching not just the corresponding AP-G2 aluminium mounting rail, but also two PVC rails which offer a lighter alternative to the classic aluminium. The PP-G3 plastic rail also has an additional T-foot so that the safety edge can be inserted into an existing C-groove. This means that non-switching sealing profiles – for example, on roller shutters or lightweight roller gates – can be retrofitted with a safety edge which provides reliable protection on the primary closing edge of the shutter.


In addition to the two profiles, Bircher also provides a new, flexible EN-C26 end cap which can be adapted to the EPE016/026J2T profile in just a few simple steps. The end cap features pull-off pins so that it can either be glued or screwed to the inserted profile. Together with the concealed aluminium rail, the end caps ensure perfect integration into elegant door and gate designs.