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Extension of the CoverLine
product line

BBC Bircher Smart Access is introducing an extension to the CoverLine safety edge series in the form of the new EPE040/067A0J profile. The new edge profile has a height of 67 mm, adding a useful intermediate size to the tried-and-tested safety edge range. Electrical safety edges are used for protecting, crushing and shearing points on automatic gates, doors and entry systems. They reliably protect people and objects from collisions in these danger zones.

High response sensitivity for reliable protection

Just as for the EPE040/081A0J and EPE040/105A0J, the arcing chamber for the new profile is in an upstream position within the profile. As a result, less force is needed to trigger a switch and therefore to stop the closing procedure. Just 60 N of response power and 5 mm actuating travel (standard testing at C3 with 1 m/s at 20°C) is enough to activate the safety edge.

Easy assembly thanks to reduced arcing chamber height

The optimised position of the arcing chamber, combined with our patented chamber height reduction effect, enables the contact strip to be fed through effortlessly. As soon as the profile clicks into the aluminium rail, the chamber height is reduced by several millimetres, thus reducing the response travel by the same amount.

CoverLine profiles now available with matching end caps

In conjunction with the new EPE040/067A0J profile, we are now supplying the new, flexible EN-C81 end cap which is also compatible with the CoverLine EPE040/081A0J profile. Together with the concealed aluminium rail, the end caps ensure perfect integration into challenging door and gate designs. The new profile completes the CoverLine product line. This means that BBC Bircher Smart Access now offers the profile heights 55, 67, 81 and 105 mm.

More about safety edges

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