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Further growth for ExpertSystem from BBC Bircher

Additional profile heights and lip-variants open up new possibilities



The universal self-assembly safety edge system from BBC Bircher Smart Access, designed for performance and maximum protection, is being expanded again in 2022.  Available now, customers can choose from two additional profile heights plus variants featuring an additional lip to protect their gate access points.


ExpertSystem XL from BBC Bircher Smart Access is a comprehensive range of safety edges for automatic gate systems. The integrated switching contact strip ensures a high level of protection not only for people and objects (for example on sliding gates, swing gates and folding doors) but also vertically moving gates and revolving doors. In combination with the ExpertSystem XRF radio transmission system for wireless installation, customers can choose from a wide range of variants – available pre-assembled, as standard kits or for self-assembly.


If an object obstructs the opening or closing gate, the ExpertSystem XL safety edges ensure that the hazardous movement is stopped quickly. Thanks to high sensitivity and soft deformation throughout, ExpertSystem XL pressure-sensitive edges are particularly suitable for use on gates with high opening and closing speeds. The high sensitivity of the pressure-sensitive edges is achieved by a special profile cross-section that switches quickly even when actuated laterally.


New 56 and 80 mm profile heights are also available with a sealing lip


The new product designs, which have been developed on request and in consultation with customers, offer additional options for gate protection: Pressure-sensitive edges with 56 and 80 mm profile heights are now also available, as are versions with a sealing lip for both new variants. This means that Bircher Smart Access customers now have a total of six profile heights to choose from.


The ExpertSystem was developed with a central focus on safety, performance and quick and easy installation. The latest advancement has once again made assembly considerably easier while also significantly reducing installation time. Thanks to their optimized geometry, the sensing profile retainers can now be snapped into place on the grooves provided in the mounting profiles quickly and with very little effort.


Pre-assembled, as a kit or for self-assembly


BBC Bircher Smart Access supplies the safety edges in the ExpertSystem either in a version for self-assembly or as a pre-assembled complete solution. For larger industrial needs, all components are available individually. For the production of individual pressure-sensitive edges, e.g. for retrofitting, kits are available in standard lengths. Pre-assembled complete solutions also benefit from the optional quick installation system.  With QuickMount, installation time can be significantly reduced even further.


For wireless gate protection, customers can use the appropriate radio transmission systems from the ExpertSystem XRF series. For example, the single-channel integral transmitter option (Cat3, PLd), with high range and a long battery life of at least seven years, is invisibly integrated into the pressure-sensitive edge for easy installation and features quick pairing with the receiver.


For special applications, Bircher Smart Access has additional accessories in its portfolio. These include mounting profiles with a 20 degree angle, pluggable cable variants and external antennas.  This means that the ExpertSystem can be used to secure all the standard gate configurations as well as other customised ones.  At the same time, the fully concealed mounting profiles also meet high standards in gate design. The assembled pressure-sensitive edges also comply with the IP67 protection class and have an operating temperature range of -20 to +60°C.