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Successful in automated access

The ProLoop series from BBC Bircher Smart Access continues to gain ground



The ProLoop2 loop detector from Bircher Smart Access is seeing increasing sales worldwide, even in the slimmed-down ProLoop Lite version. As an opening system in conjunction with induction loops laid in the floor, ProLoop controls automatic access at gates, barriers, and parking facilities.


Although they have been on the market for some time, the ProLoop2 and ProLoop Lite access solutions have held their own during the coronavirus pandemic and are seeing increasing market share worldwide. Compared with the previous year, 2021 sales figures have roughly tripled in France, mainly thanks to major orders from new customers, as well as in India. Features such as functionality and reliability, simple commissioning, intelligent additional functions, and flexible device variants ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


Simple commissioning and intelligent additional functions


A range of additional functions make ProLoop2 an efficient and convenient solution for automating access points – for example, at industrial gates, barriers, parking lots, and border crossings. Key features at a glance:


  • Integrated analysis of induction loops with output in the display
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB) for special vehicles, sidecars, etc.
  • Voltage failure safety – essential for parking areas with bollards, etc.
  • Time function (switching delay) and direction recognition
  • Display of error codes including statistics


Wide range of variants for every application


With ProLoop Lite, Bircher Smart Access offers a version that has been pared back to the basic functions at a very attractive price: Customers who can do without inductance measurement and fault detection benefit from an equally reliable device for automating all types of access roads. The sophisticated functional principles also ensure safe automatic opening and closing, as well as the masking of pedestrians and non-metallic objects with the ProLoop Lite.


Many options and designs offer enormous flexibility in application: Both ProLoop Lite and ProLoop2 can be operated with one or two loops (e.g., for entry and exit). The use of two loops in succession opens up further possibilities, such as additional presence detection under the barrier boom, detection of the crossing direction or the closing of barriers. On request, the ProLoop2 can be supplied with an additional alarm output, for example to enable continuous opening (e.g., of barriers) in the event of a loop malfunction.


Ideal for modernisation – and in the future with its own software


Both ProLoop 2 and ProLoop Lite are also available in a housing variant with 11-pin connection. The process of modernising existing loop systems is greatly simplified as a result: simply plug the ProLoop onto the existing base and switch it on – that’s all there is to it! Ralf Kessinger, Technical Consultant at BBC Bircher Smart Access, concludes with a forecast: “There will probably be operating software for the ProLoop before the end of the year. Customers will then be able to connect to the device via laptop thanks to a special cable for advanced access to settings and data.”