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OPK Europe uses access solutions from BBC Bircher for innovative sliding door fittings



With the PrimeMotion B radar sensor and the CleanSwitch contact-free switch from BBC Bircher Smart Access, OPK Europe is enhancing its E-Space solution with magnetic drives for electric sliding doors.


Sliding doors have been a popular means of increasing the attractiveness of building entrances both historically and across cultures. Modern electrically operated sliding doors make an effective statement, especially when they move silently to the side, as if by magic – guided and moved, for example, by the innovative E-Space sliding door fitting from OPK, which has a magnetic drive. Especially during a pandemic, automatic sliding doors offer the advantage of contact-free and therefore hygienic opening if they are appropriately automated.


High-quality automation of sliding doors


OPK Europe – a subsidiary of Chinese parent company Zhongshan Opike Hardware Product Co., Ltd – has recently added two Bircher Smart Access systems to its range to offer customers attractive additional options for electric sliding doors. The energy-efficient PrimeMotion B microwave motion sensor has a wide detection area and detects movements quickly and reliably. Unintentional openings caused by cross traffic are largely avoided thanks to direction recognition. Flexible settings on the device as well as easy installation and commissioning make it a very convenient choice.


The award-winning CleanSwitch from Bircher Smart Access allows sliding doors to be opened by hand movement, without contact, at an adjustable distance of 10 cm to 50 cm – an attractive opening system especially in the medical sector, but also in the catering industry and wherever special hygiene or design requirements apply. Thanks to color LED feedback and a customizable appearance, all customer requirements can be met – and with CleanSwitch Lock there is now the additional option of permanently locking doors with a gesture.


Hygienic access via radar sensor or contact-free switch


OPK customers interested in the E-Space sliding door hardware can order BBC Bircher Smart Access components directly from the OPK catalog. You can choose whether to utilize two PrimeMotion B units and two CleanSwitch units for each side of the door – including the variant with additional CleanSwitch Lock – or one motion sensor and one switch per side. Sebastian Krames, Head of Marketing and Sales at OPK Europe, said: “The partnership with BBC Bircher Smart Access has been a great success. The products create enthusiasm among customers, and there are no complaints of any kind. This has brought us another step closer to our goal of gaining further market share with high-quality standard products.”