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The new ProLoop Lite – Sometimes less is more

 The sensor manufacturer BBC Bircher Smart Access is launching ProLoop Lite, a new loop detector for industrial doors and barrier systems. A loop detector evaluates induction loops laid in the ground and detects all metallic vehicles, from bicycles to trucks complete with trailers. As the name suggests, the ProLoop Lite is the basic version of the already established ProLoop 2. As well as featuring all of the standard functions of the ProLoop 2, including Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB), it supports a range of possible settings for frequencies and the time response of the output signal. A deliberate focus on essential functions has made it possible to bring the ProLoop Lite to market at more favourable conditions.   

"The trigger to expand the range for loop detectors came directly from the market. When developing the ProLoop Lite, we focussed specifically on the provision of standard functions in order to offer our customers an even more attractive price-performance ratio. In selecting the functional scope for the slimmed-down version, we worked in close collaboration with our sales team and a number of key customers." explains Nelson Celestino, Technical Product Manager at BBC Bircher Smart Access. 

 Versatile areas of application

The ProLoop Lite is suitable for various applications including on sliding gates at site entrances, industrial doors or barriers, for example. Through contact-free activation of the loop, the detector triggers the signal to the controller and releases the route. Other applications such as controlling light signals or machines for dispensing parking tickets are also possible. 

Intuitive operating concept for very fast commissioning

Special features that set the ProLoop Lite apart include its user-friendly operation and display concept. Easy to programme, the loop detector can be put into operation very quickly.  

Reliable detection of truck/trailer combinations and vehicles with high ground clearance

When ASB is activated, the sensitivity is increased as soon as a vehicle crosses an induction loop until the end of the detection operation. This means that even vehicles with high ground clearance such as SUVs or truck/trailer combinations will be reliably detected as long as they are passing over the loops.    

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