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Vehicle sensor for site access points enhances range

With ProAccess, BBC Bircher offers a practical solution for parking systems

As one of the leading providers of sensor solutions for access systems, BBC Bircher Smart Access is enhancing its range for monitoring parking systems and site access points with the new ProAccess. The vehicle sensor is a combined radar and ultrasonic sensor which detects small and large, stationary or moving vehicles within a range of 5.5 metres. The vehicle sensor was developed as a presence detection solution for barrier systems and sliding gates, as well as other parking and access systems.


Above ground installation saves time

As the sensor is installed 0.5 metres above ground, there is no need for surfacing work – a significant advantage when it comes to installation and servicing. In addition, ProAccess is suitable for locations where it would be difficult or even impossible to route induction loops – in damaged or unsealed road surfaces, cobblestones or close to road gullies and manholes, for example. ProAccess is extremely easy to use thanks to its straightforward navigation and LED feedback. To ensure precise detection, the sensor's sensitivity and detection angle of ± 30° can be adjusted in just one simple step. For detection angles of 45° or 90°, BBC Bircher supplies a compatible mounting bracket as an accessory.


Designed for outdoor use

In addition to the requisite IP65 protection, ProAccess also has a built-in heater, ensuring stable operation even in cold environments. Its high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) prevents unwanted interference from the signals of other components.


Versatile thanks to additional features

ProAccess reliably detects vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 20 km/h. The sensor has two operating modes, enabling it to be used both to activate and monitor occupation of the parking system. Depending on the application's requirements, installations with one or more ProAccess devices are possible. The vehicle sensor is able to filter out people and teach in objects which are permanently present in the detection zone. This makes ProAccess the perfect monitor both for simple activation applications involving sliding gates and barriers as well as for complex parking systems.


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