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Barriers at the exit of a car park

Parking systems

  • Precise activation thanks to direction logic function
  • Unambiguous traffic control
  • Reduced waiting times thanks to optimised traffic flow

Parking systems – detectors on barriers and bollards

Whether guards, barriers or bollards: BBC Bircher Smart Access has a tailor-made detector solution for every parking system.

With BBC Bircher Smart Access loop detectors, you can rest assured that your parking system will be activated quickly and reliably. Guards and barriers are easy to protect with tried-and-tested safety edges.

Loop detectors recognise every metallic vehicle within their detection area straight-away and forward the signal to the switching device directly. Thanks to ASB, off-road vehicles and lorries with trailers are detected reliably and without problems too.

Protection and activation of a parking system

The following products are ideally suited to this application area:

Activation and vehicle protection
Loop detectors
ProLoop Lite

Combined sensor (microwave and ultrasonic)

Electrical safety edge system for protecting barriers
ExpertSystem XL
Safety edges

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