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PrimeMotion microwave detector

The PrimeMotion microwave detector opens and closes automatic sliding doors safely and reliably. Unnecessarily long opening times are avoided thanks to the integrated direction recognition function.

In order to achieve the best possible person protection, BBC Bircher Smart Access recommends combining this product with the PrimeTec and PrimeScan. While the PrimeTec monitors the primary closing edge as an active infrared curtain, the PrimeScan is responsible for safety in the lateral door area and at the secondary closing edge.

More on the technology

PrimeMotion C on a telescopic sliding door

Use on telescopic sliding doors

The large field width of up to 4.8 metres means that only one detector is needed on each side of the door, even on doors which are very wide.

PrimeMotion B

The detector, based on microwave technology, reliably opens sliding doors. Its cross traffic masking and direction recognition functions avoid unnecessarily long opening times and save energy. User-friendly operation make it easy to install and mean it is ready to use quickly.

PrimeMotion C

The PrimeMotion C door motion detector is based on microwave technology. It is ideal for use on sliding doors, where it reliably ensures that activation takes place in good time and guarantees an optimum flow of people. The radar field can be perfectly adjusted to every application area.

ArtMotion 2

The ArtMotion 2 is suitable for particularly tall and wide doors. The detector can be used in a wide variety of applications and ensures an optimum flow of people thanks to its adjustable field geometry and its radar module that can be tilted.

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