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[Translate to English:] RK 30 Radarbewegungsmelder

RK 30

Reliable and precise evaluation of moving objects thanks to powerful microprocessor

RK 30 microwave motion detector

RK 30 – microwave motion detector with microprocessor technology

The controller with powerful microprocessors integrated in the RK 30 enables moving objects to be evaluated reliably and precisely.

The switching points, which are limited exactly, ensure a constant and steady response. The linearised potentiometer allows the field dimensions to be optimally adjusted, while digital filters mask interfering influences automatically.

More on the technology

RK 30 microwave motion detector on a sliding door

Use on automatic sliding doors

Precise evaluation performed by the microprocessors ensures that the door is activated reliably and in good time. The adjustable antenna and side panels can be used to perfectly adapt the size of the detection area to the width of the door.

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