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Sliding door in a modern building

Sliding door

  • Activation through microwave technology
  • Active infrared curtain for protecting people
  • Safety even in the lateral door area

Detectors on sliding doors

You can choose from a variety of application solutions and a wide range of products that are perfect for your sliding door. Microwave motion detectors, just like active and passive infrared detectors, can be used to detect people and objects as they approach; in addition, they can serve as opening sensors. In the shape of its Prime product family, BBC Bircher Smart Access also offers combined technologies based on both active infrared and microwave systems.

We recommend mounting electrical safety edges on the secondary closing edges, depending on the dimensions of the door. These safety edges reliably protect people within the sliding door's danger zone from being crushed and trapped. 

Activation and protection of sliding doors

The following products are ideally suited to this application area:


Combined microwave motion and presence detectors
PrimeTec A
PrimeTec B

Microwave motion detectors
Merkur 2
PrimeMotion B
PrimeMotion C
ArtMotion 2

Passive infrared motion detectors
PIR 20
PIR 30

Active infrared motion detectors


Active infrared presence detectors
PrimeScan A
PrimeScan B

Combined microwave motion and presence detectors
PrimeTec A
PrimeTec B

Light barrier

Electrical safety edge system
ExpertSystem XL
Safety edges


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