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Clean success with CleanAccess

Hygienic Access: CleanAccess for Event Arena

The multifunctional sports and event hall in Schaffhausen offers space for 3600 spectators. The Handball Champions League and many other successful sports and youth teams are regular guests here. At the same time, the multi-purpose hall hosts concerts, large corporate events and conferences, as well as large-scale religious events. To improve hygiene, especially during pandemic times, BBC Bircher Smart Access has provided the new CleanAccess contact-free access systems for all toilet facilities. The swing doors, which still have handles, have been automated with compact low-energy drives as well as radar sensors (outside) and contact-free switches (inside). Everything now runs much more hygienically, and the cleaning staff have been massively relieved.



Starting point

The four large toilet facilities, two in the catacombs and two in the bar area, were an Achilles heel of the BBC Arena in Schaffhausen for a long time: during the daily training sessions and at major events, there was a lot of activity here; the effort for the cleaners was correspondingly high, and not just since Covid took hold. With this in mind, the goal of Operations Manager David Graubner and his team was to achieve contact-free, hygienic opening of the doors. In addition to the spatial conditions, a particular challenge was the desired possibility of being able to lock the doors if required – an additional operational requirement due to the remaining handles. However, with the modular and flexibly adjustable CleanAccess solution, all the necessary adjustments could be made easily, and an optimal solution was achieved.


Project requirements

  • Hygiene-optimised access for toilet facilities
  • Efficient automation of manual door drives
  • Contact-free opening with different systems inside and outside
  • Flexible adjustment and adaptation to local conditions (e.g. crossing traffic)
  • Change and optimisation of several operating modes (open/normal/closed)



After a detailed analysis of the access situation in the arena – where do people come from, how do guests access the toilets, etc. – the new CleanAccess solution from BBC Bircher Smart Access was designed: The access doors to the bathrooms are opened from the outside by microwave motion detectors from the PrimeMotion series. Their fields have been set so that they do not open by mistake (e.g. in case of crossing traffic). Inside the toilets, the CleanSwitch contact-free switches were installed, which were also adjusted to suit the customer and location (range, reaction time, etc.). CleanAccess is completed by the world’s smallest low-energy drive, which can be mounted on the door leaf as well as on the lintel. During busy periods, the access points can also be switched to permanently open in order to increase efficiency and to avoid system irritation. The installation of the new solution was completed within one day.


Benefits for the customer

  • Hygienic and automated access to WCs
  • Contact-free opening from inside and outside
  • Significant relief for the cleaning staff
  • Doors can still be locked if necessary (permanently open is also possible)
  • Precise adaptation of opening procedures to conditions
  • Energy-saving operation thanks to low-energy drive
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low maintenance solution (routine check only)


“The solution works perfectly, we are very satisfied with the result as well as with the cooperation. The installation was carried out within a day after coordination with the in-house electrical system, and the solution has since proved its worth – everything runs much more hygienically, and staff have been significantly relieved.”

– David Graubner, Operations Manager of the BBC Arena

Customer: BBC Arena
City, country: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Market segment: People Access
Application: Swing door
Solution: CleanAccess
Commissioning:   April 2019



Download success story as PDF: Hygienic Access: CleanAccess for Event Arena