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Automating access points

Automating sliding doors with PrimeMotion B and CleanSwitch

Founded in 1996, the Chinese company OPK – actually Zhongshan Opike Hardware Product Co., Ltd – has made a name for itself with sliding door hardware. With a branch office that opened in Horb am Neckar in 2017, OPK Europe has succeeded in conquering the European and even the Swiss markets. Carpenters who customize sliding doors as well as door and gate manufacturers and retailers rely on OPK’s high-quality and versatile solutions for furniture, room partitioning and construction systems. To add further value to its E-Space range of magnetically operated sliding door hardware, OPK Europe uses sensor systems from BBC Bircher Smart Access for the automatic and contact-free opening of sliding doors in buildings.



Starting position

As standard, a sliding door drives consists of a top track, two roller carriages with dampers and a bottom guide. OPK’s E-Space system adds a magnetic drive that moves the door automatically and can be activated by touch, remote control or smartphone. To offer customers more options and a premium complete solution, OPK Europe has integrated the PrimeMotion B radar sensor and the CleanSwitch contact-free switch into its portfolio. Customers can order BBC Bircher Smart Access components directly from the OPK catalog.


Project requirements


  • Upgrading sliding door systems with standard products
  • Additional automation of sliding door drives with magnetic drive
  • Contact-free opening of doors, especially in the medical field
  • Compatibility with existing components and the ability to combine elements freely
  • Close cooperation with OPK and flexible partnership including service



End customers who order the E-Space sliding door system from OPK Europe can order the PrimeMotion B microwave motion detector and CleanSwitch contact-free switch directly from the OPK catalog. They have the choice of using PrimeMotion B twice or CleanSwitch twice for both sides of the door, or one switch and one motion detector each. The high-quality solution consisting of a switch and motion sensor ensures hygienic access and is particularly popular with customers in the medical sector, but also in catering and other industries. In addition, OPK Europe will also offer CleanSwitch Lock in the future – an attractive additional option for contact-free locking of sliding doors.


Benefits for the customer

  • Upgrading the product portfolio
  • Additional automation, more opening options
  • Contact-free hygienic access
  • Can be freely combined with the customer's own solutions
  • Easy system integration and inclusion in the portfolio
  • Flexible support and fast customer service


“The partnership with Bircher Smart Access has been a great success: The products always create enthusiasm among customers and there are zero complaints. This has brought us another step closer to our goal of gaining further market share with high-quality standard products.”

– Sebastian Krames, Head of Marketing and Sales OPK Europe

Customer OPK Europe GmbH
City, country
Horb am Necker, Germany
Market segment Door
Application Sliding door
Commissioning          Summer 2021

  • PrimeMotion B
  • CleanSwitch


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OPK automating access points