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Automatic swing door at a public building

Swing door

  • Reliable monitoring of closing edges using active infrared technology
  • Collisions with the door panel are prevented

Detectors for swing doors

Motion and presence detectors are used to monitor and protect the swivelling area of swing doors. They are mounted on both sides, ideally on the door leaf directly.

Motion and presence detectors work with active or passive infrared technology. The detector’s receiver senses the reflected infrared beams or the movement of heat within the detection area. It then converts this information into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the door controller, thus triggering the switching operation. Microwave motion detectors can also be used here for activation and to ensure an optimum flow of people.

Activation and protection of swing doors

The following products are ideally suited to this application area:


Microwave motion detectors
Merkur 2
PrimeMotion B
PrimeMotion C
ArtMotion 2

Passive infrared motion detectors
PIR 20
PIR 30

Active infrared motion detectors



Active infrared presence detectors

Combined microwave motion and presence detectors
PrimeTec A
PrimeTec B

Electrical safety edge system
ExpertSystem XL
Safety edges


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