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  • Reliable opening sensor
  • Point-based activation
  • Optimum hygienea

ProxySwitch contact-free switch

As a contact-free switch controlled via infrared, the ProxySwitch facilitates contactless door opening, unlike conventional switches. This optimally satisfies the high hygiene demands made in certain working areas, such as in hospitals or the catering industry. 

Use on swing doors

The contactless ProxySwitch is ideal for opening doors hygienically and reliably in healthcare, as well as in the catering industry.

Point-based activation and optimum hygiene

Two different scanning ranges enable the product to be ideally adapted to every environment.

The ProxySwitch has a small black/white difference (50 – 200 mm) at close range. Objects at the same distance are still detected, largely irrespective of their color.

At long range (50 – 600 mm), the ProxySwitch works as a wide range switch.

The ProxySwitch output can also be configured in two ways: as a standard pulse generator and as a stepping switch.

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