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No problem without gloves

CleanSwitch from BBC Bircher Smart Access supports hygiene in tattoo studio

The CleanSwitch contact-free switch from BBC Bircher Smart Access ensures an attractive appearance as well as hygienic and efficient processes at the "Fallout Tattoo" tattoo studio in Münzenberg (Germany).


Tattoos are becoming more and more popular, especially among younger people. Nature motifs, astrology and aphorisms - to name just the most popular - are permanently applied to the second layer of skin (dermis), creating a special look and expressiveness. In the "Fallout Tattoo" in Münzenberg, central Hesse, they have dedicated themselves to tattooing - it’s got under their skin, so to speak: Chris Block considers himself a tattoo artist, has over 25,000 followers on Instagram, and opens his studio, run by three women and two men, only by appointment with customers.


This means there are no fixed opening hours - customers from all over Germany and beyond are given individual advice on motif, skin type and location, technique and material. The tattooing of the - often highly demanding - motifs sometimes takes several days and is carried out according to the highest standards, not least in terms of hygiene.


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Hygienic access supports efficient processes


During the renovation of the studio, which was founded in 2012, the goal was to achieve a hygiene concept similar to that of an upscale medical practice. The door to the tattoo room needed to open contact-free, but also not purely automatically - a clear case for BBC Bircher Smart Access's CleanSwitch, which is now used on both sides of the existing sliding door.


In combination with the E-Space magnetic drive from OPK Europe - a partner of BBC Bircher Smart Access since summer 2021 - contactless and therefore particularly hygienic access was achieved: Customers and tattoo artists can open the door from the inside as well as from the outside simply by gesturing. This is especially convenient for tattoo artists, as they do not have to change gloves when leaving the room. This facilitates the processes in the team and the tattoo artists can fully concentrate on their work.


Optics and ease of use additionally enhance studio


The CleanSwitch, which is compatible with the European switch range, can be customized on request in terms of design, color scheme and switching distance (10 to 50 cm). As an option, it can provide visual feedback when actuated; in addition, the CleanSwitchLock is available as a variant for contactless locking of sensitive areas, for example in sanitary facilities.


At Fallout Tattoo in Münzenberg, the two CleanSwitch units ensure that customers and the team feel comfortable and that hygiene is assured. Chris Block sums up with satisfaction: "The switches work very well, provide more hygiene and also enhance our studio visually and in terms of design - they fit really well with our artistic direction and, of course, an element like this has a positive impact on customers."


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