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Bircher Smart Access - CleanSwitch for opening of automatic doors

No problem without gloves

CleanSwitch provides greater hygiene and comfort in tattoo studio

Tattoos are in vogue: a growing proportion of young people have at least one tattoo, in Germany, for example, around a quarter of 25-34-year-olds (according to YouGov's 2021 survey). In Münzenberg in central Hesse, Chris Block and his team from the custom studio "Fallout Tattoo" create artistically sophisticated tattoos with elaborate motifs. The equipment is also impressive: The door to the tattoo room can be opened on both sides with the CleanSwitch contact-free switch from BBC Bircher Smart Access - a plus for comfort, hygiene and team processes.




Starting point

Tattoo artist Chris Block had a hygiene concept like in an upscale doctor's office in mind when renovating his studio, which he founded in 2012. Especially the tattoo room should therefore open without skin contact, but also not purely automatically. This is because the five tattoo artists wear gloves when working with the vegan inks, which must be changed every time they are contaminated. The high-quality appearance in combination with the convenient operation also contributes to the enhancement of the tattoo studio.


Project requirements

  • Contact-free opening for hygienic access to the tattoo room

  • Automation from both sides - from the outside and from the inside

  • High-quality appearance and simple, convenient operation

  • Total solution for door automation (in cooperation with OPK Europe)

  • Smooth, quiet and, if possible, maintenance-free operation



The sliding door to the tattoo room can be opened from both sides with the CleanSwitch simply and contact-free by gesturing. Visual feedback signals successful operation - the door slides to the side almost silently. For automatic operation, the door was equipped with the E-Space magnetic drive from OPK Europe (a cooperation partner of BBC Bircher Smart Access since 2021). This solution achieves a high level of hygiene and also makes studio operations more efficient - the contact-free opening means that team members do not have to change gloves every time they leave the room.


Benefits for the customer

  • Contact-free hygienic access with CleanSwitch

  • Convenient door opening facilitates processes in the studio

  • Upgrading the look and design of the tattoo studio

  • High-quality and maintenance-free door automation


"The switch works very well, provides greater hygiene and also upgrades our studio in terms of appearance and design - it fits really well with our artistic orientation and customers naturally notice such an element as an eye-catcher in a positive way."

Chris Block, tattoo artist and owner Custom Studio "Fallout Tattoo" in Münzenberg (Germany)

Logo Fallout Tattoo
Customer Fallout Tattoo
City, country Münzenberg, Germany
Market segment People & vehicle access
Application Automatic door opener
Products CleanSwitch
Commissioning  2022

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