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Notas de prensa

Siempre al día sobre BBC Bircher Smart Access, nuestros productos y nuestras soluciones, así como sobre proyectos y otras iniciativas.

Notas de prensa

Lea las notas de prensa más recientes sobre las noticias de los productos y la empresa, además de los eventos de BBC Bircher Smart Access.

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Extension of the CoverLine product line

BBC Bircher Smart Access is introducing an extension to the CoverLine safety edge series in the form of the new EPE040/067A0J profile. The new edge profile has a height of 67 mm, adding a useful intermediate size to the...màs



In response to numerous customer requests, BBC Bircher Smart Access has developed an additional colour variant, which fits both harmoniously and unobtrusively into the environments used by people needing care. What's more, the...màs


Innovation of PrimeTec installation set

BBC Bircher Smart Access has enhanced the accessories for the combined sensor PrimeTec and the active infrared curtain, PrimeScan. To ensure smooth application in very humid or wet environments, BBC Bircher Smart Access now...màs


The new ProLoop Lite – Sometimes less is more

The sensor manufacturer BBC Bircher Smart Access is launching ProLoop Lite, a new loop detector for industrial doors and barrier systems. A loop detector evaluates induction loops laid in the ground and detects all metallic...màs


Pressure wave switch with wireless signal transmission

BBC Bircher Smart Access has been known for reliable pressure wave technology for many years.màs


ArtMotion 2 Microwave Motion Detector

The ArtMotion 2 is particularly suited to high and wide doors. The sensor is very versatile and ensures an optimum flow of people through the adjustable field geometry, as well as its moveable radar module.màs

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