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Safety mats 

  • Surface switch for convenience and safety applications
  • System is simple to install
  • Resistant to the effects of weather

Safety mats for safe activation and deactivation of machines, devices and automatic doors

BBC Bircher Smart Access safety mats are used for detecting people or objects within a defined area.

In conjunction with the EsMatix 3 safety switching device, they form a certified system for safeguarding danger zones, and thus for protecting people. In combination with the EsMatix 3 safety switching device, the BBC Bircher Smart Access safety mat according to EN 13856-1 is type-tested and corresponds to PLe, cat. 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1.

Use as forklift safety equipment

The pressure-sensitive mat deactivates the vehicle immediately in case of an unplanned exit from the operating platform. Furthermore, it provides a non-slip, vibration-damping and, as such, ergonomic standing surface.

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