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  • High level of user-friendliness thanks to simple adjustment and alignment
  • Robust, waterproof housing
  • Insensitive to extraneous light


The LBGate light barrier can be used in a wide variety of applications and offers reliable protection for industrial doors, escalators and moving walkways, revolving doors and sliding doors, up to a range of 30 meters.

More on the technology

Use on sliding gate at site entrance

The light barrier serves as an invisible protection system; it prevents the gate from closing prematurely, thus avoiding collisions with people or vehicles.

LBGate TB18

This compact one-way light barrier system stands out thanks to its reproducible switching points and high operating reserves. It consists of light transmitters and receivers in two separate housings, whose optical units point towards each other.

LBGate R18 and LBGate R25

In the LBGate R18 and LBGate R25 reflection light barriers, the transmitter and receiver are installed together in one housing. As a result, they work with physically separate reflectors located in the beam path. Just one device needs to be mounted and electrically connected. All these properties mean that even shiny and reflective objects can be detected. 

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