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  • Comprehensive all-in-one solution for uncompromising safety
  • High flexibility thanks to modular system components
  • Smart design for fast installation and durable operation

ExpertSystem – The comprehensive safety solution for gates and door systems

Strict safety regulations, complex installation conditions and the shortage of skilled professionals set big challenges to gate manufacturers, installers and building owners. Faster gate speeds and increasing design requirements are further demands from the market.

ExpertSystem is the answer from BBC Bircher Smart Access to meet these challenges and establishes a new standard in the market. The well thought-out system fulfils wide customer requirements and simultaneously adds value. Thanks to the self-assembly, the pluggable connections and an optionally available quick mount feature, installation time and the frequency and duration of service operations can be reduced considerably.


  • UL recognised and FCC compliant
  • High sensitivity ensures fast activation behaviour – With the innovative profile cross-section and short actuating distance, ExpertSystem responds even at very low actuating forces
  • Optimal design allows for unrestricted overtravel – The increased overtravel makes it possible to choose the smallest available profile height for each application
  • Fast reaction time of the complete sensor system – ExpertSystem has a large active switching surface
  • Selectable safety category – Automatic use of ideal safety between PLc, cat. 2 or PLd, cat. 3



  • High-performance components – ExpertSystem combines safety edges and signal transmission into an uncompromising safety solution
  • High flexibility for various applications – Being a modular solution means components are perfectly matched to each other, and can be combined in various ways for any application
  • Attractive appearance for seamless integrations into gate/door design – ExpertSystem safety edge profiles cover both the aluminium rails as well as the radio transmitter, and can be harmoniously integrated into ambitious gate designs



  • Smart design for fast assembly and installation – As an all-in-one solution, ExpertSystem ensures service, storage and maintenance savings while reducing the risk of liability
  • Modular components provide secure operation – ExpertSystem offers “peace of mind” for the whole life cycle of the door or gate
  • Easy integration into customers’ logistics and warehousing – To meet individual requirements ExpertSystem offers various component combinations that work in a wide range of applications

From a design and standard compliance perspective, ExpertSystem fulfils different aspects in terms of safety and reliability with its four profile heights, versatile features and a transmission system tailored to customer needs. This comprehensive safety solution is mainly intended for perimeter protection.

Sliding gates

Swing gates

Folding gates

ExpertSystem – Quick mounting system

ExpertSystem - Fastest commissioning with pre-assembled safety edges

ExpertSystem XL - Tutorial Assembly EN

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