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  • Field adjustment with accuracy to the centimeter
  • Excellent integration options thanks to compact dimensions
  • Reliable pulse generator for automatic doors, lifts, escalators and moving walkways

MicroSense passive infrared motion detector

The MicroSense is a motion detector based on tried-and-tested passive infrared technology. It uses a temperature measurement to detect every person and every moving object within its detection area, then performs a switching operation immediately. 

Use on revolving doors

The MicroSense detects people and objects within the detection zone straightaway based on their temperature, then causes the revolving door to start moving.

Passive infrared motion detector for automatic doors, industrial doors and passenger lifts 

MicroSense detectors themselves do not emit any rays. As soon as the infrared detector identifies an object whose surface temperature differs from its environment, the object's thermal radiation is routed via lenses to detector elements and the switching operation is triggered.

The MicroSense contains 12 Fresnel lenses, which are installed in the housing cover directly. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be integrated extremely well and allows for precise field adjustment.

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