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Vertical door

  • Reliable, early object detection thanks to flexible adjustments on the detector
  • No unintentional opening thanks to cross traffic masking

Vertical door

Various detector components are available for opening and closing your vertical doors safely.

BBC Bircher Smart Access offers you a comprehensive range of gate detector systems. Tried-and-tested loop detectors can be used to activate vertical doors, although a microwave motion detector such as the Hercules 2s is ideally suited to this task, too. Electrical sensing edges are just the thing for the primary closing edge. They provide people and vehicles with the best possible protection against being crushed or trapped in the door.

Activation and protection of vertical doors



Microwave motion detectors
Hercules 2s

Loop detectors
ProLoop Lite


Electrical sensing edge system
ExpertSystem XL
Sensing edges

Airwave technology
Airwave switches

Light barriers

Signal evaluation
Safety Controllers

Sensorsolutions for industrial doors



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