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ProLoop loop detectors

ProLoop – loop detectors for industrial doors, barriers, car parks and bollards

Every type of loop detection works totally reliably with this device. It monitors and evaluates the induction loops laid in the ground, detecting all kinds of metallic vehicle – from bicycles right up to HGVs.

More on the technology

Used in barrier installations

ProLoop loop detectors allow for the save opening and closing of barriers at entrances and exits of parking facilities as well as the reliable activation of parking ticket dispensers.


The intelligent software and compact design make this product simple to start up and use.

The intuitive operating and display concept means the ProLoop2 is particularly user-friendly. It features numerous adjustments and functions, plus the highest levels of reliability are guaranteed because the loop is electrically isolated from the detector. Alongside the inductance measurement, it also boasts a simulation mode and an option to reset to factory settings. 

ProLoop Lite

Simple, efficient, reliable: this loop detector works just as reliably and precisely as ProLoop2. It monitors and evaluates the installed induction loop, detects metallic vehicles of all kinds and facilitates immediate switching at the gate.

The focus on the basic functional scope means that this product is easier and quicker to start up and use than ever before. And at an excellent price-performance ratio, too. 

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