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BBC Bircher Smart Access puts its faith in tried-and tested technologies to enable it to meet your high safety and reliability requirements. Its technology expertise covers pressure-sensitive as well as contact-free detector systems. In the field of contactless detectors, BBC Bircher Smart Access makes use not only of microwave technology, but also of active and passive infrared technology. Pressure-sensitive safety edges protect and monitor closing edges on doors and gates, while contact mats work as electric surface switches to safely activate and deactivate doors and machines. The pulse is passed on to the control system via the switching device by means of wireless signal transmission. At BBC Bircher Smart Access, the focus is always on protecting people and machinery. You will find further information about safety standards and certifications on the corresponding product page.

  • Radar

    Gruppe von Bircher Reglomat Radarbewegungsmeldern

    Microwave motion detectors are reliable sensors for opening automatic doors and gates.

  • Infrared

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  • Tactile protection

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  • Loop detectors

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  • Pressure wave technology

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