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Tactile protection with electrical sensing edges and safety contact mats

Sensing edges and contact mats from BBC Bircher Smart Access form tried-and-tested safety systems for protecting people, vehicles and other objects.

Electrical sensing edges can be mounted on the primary and secondary closing edges of gates and doors to provide reliable protection. Contact mats are primarily used to protect danger zones on machines and in the healthcare sector.

Tactile surface protection with contact mats

Pressure-sensitive safety mats from BBC Bircher Smart Access are used for protection or activation in door areas and to ensure machine and plant safety.

When anyone steps on the surface of the mat, or a load is placed on it, two parallel copper contact surfaces are pressed together, which triggers the pulse for switching doors, gates or vehicles. The switching element is reliably protected from dirt and moisture by an outer sleeve made of robust polyurethane.

If used as a safety contact mat, the signal is evaluated by a safety switching device, which controls the activation and deactivation of machinery and plant.

BBC Bircher Smart Access has the following contact mats in its range:

       Safety mats


Tactile edge protection thanks to electrical sensing edges

Electrical sensing edges are used for protecting pinching, crushing and shearing points on automatic gates, doors, machinery, plant and public transport.

The robust EPDM edges can be mounted horizontally or vertically on doors, gates or other moving parts of the plant. When a load is placed on it, the contact strip drawn into the profile is pressed together and the signal is transmitted to a switching device, which trips the opening or closing mechanism.

BBC Bircher Smart Access has the following sensing edges in its range:





       ExpertSystem XL

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