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  • Simply and individually adjustable with DIP switches and scanning range adjustment
  • Universal use in stationary and moving operating mode
  • With comprehensive accessories for every environment


The SpotScan presence detector is proving itself to be a real virtuoso in the field of door protection. In stationary mode, it provides point protection for the crushing and shearing edges of automatic revolving doors and swing doors. In moving operating mode, it can serve as collision protection. On sliding doors and semi-circular sliding doors, it reliably monitors the primary and secondary closing edges.

More on the technology

Use on semi-circular sliding doors

The SpotScan protects people from becoming trapped at the primary closing edge. The safety fields are evenly distributed across the entire length of the doorway arch.

SpotScan – active infrared presence detector for semi-circular, revolving and sliding doors

Due to its compact design, SpotScan fits into any installation situation. It is suitable for counting people and detects the presence of people or objects on escalators and in lifts. SpotScan is also capable of monitoring whether person sluices and safety sluices are occupied.

But although SpotScan is incredibly versatile, it is still child's play to adjust: the operating mode, signal output and transmission frequency are configured using the three DIP switches on the front of the device. The switching point of the active infrared detector can be adjusted up or down via the mechanical adjustment screw, depending on the mounting height.

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