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Reflex 2

  • Unique, homogeneous radar field with SMD+ function
  • Electronically adjustable double field radar module
  • Meets or exceeds the new ANSI 156.10-2005 standard

Reflex 2 microwave motion detector

The Reflex 2 detector is an innovative all-rounder, which stands out thanks to its incredible versatility on practically every automatic door. With its reliable detection function, the microwave motion detector ensures a smooth flow of people.

More on the technology

Use on swing doors

The detector for automatic doors – even when space is at a premium. Cross traffic masking means the door panel is not detected, soa unintentional reversing of the door is not triggered.

Microwave motion detector for automatic doors

The Reflex 2 features optional direction recognition and makes sure that the door only opens when people are coming or going through it. This saves energy and costs in the long term.

The second generation of Reflex 2 is available with a radar field that is more symmetrical and more sharply differentiated than ever before. A wide or narrow field can be adjusted fully electronically using a remote control or buttons on the detector. Thus, Reflex 2 is programmed and ready to use extremely quickly.

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