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With great passion and an innovative spirit, BBC Bircher Smart Access develops modern convenience and safety systems for your automatic gates and doors. While loop detectors, microwave motion detectors and infrared motion detectors provide the opening pulse, safety edges and presence detectors protect the primary and secondary closing edges. Furthermore, BBC Bircher Smart Access also offers a wide range of radio and induction signal transmission systems. In the interests of protecting forklifts, machinery and public transport vehicles, BBC Bircher Smart Access develops and manufactures pioneering solutions such as contact mats, safety edges and step mats. In healthcare too, contact mats are a technical tool used in caring for people with dementia and patients who are susceptible to falling or wandering off.

Detector systems from BBC Bircher Smart Access play an important role in protecting people and vehicles in all such danger zones.

You need:

  • Motion detectors
  • Light barriers
  • Contact-free switches
  • Gate radars
  • Machine safety products
  • Sliding gate detectors

Or an individual detector system solution?

We'll be happy to advise you!

  • CleanSwitch

    The CleanSwitch is a touchless switch for automatic doors. A hand movement in front of the…

  • CareMat

    CareMat Sicherheitstrittmatte vor einem Pflegebett

    The CareMat detector mat is used in the healthcare sector. It helps nursing staff and…

  • DW Pressure wave

    Thanks to its high level of response sensitivity, the airwave system safeguards people and…

  • ExpertSystem

    ExpertSystem - The comprehensive safety solution for gates and industrial doors

  • ExpertSystem XL

    ExpertSystem XL - Modular safety edge system for gate applications ✓ High sensitivity &…

  • ExpertSystem XRF

    ExpertSystem XRF - Wireless signal transmission system for gates with high safety and…

  • Hercules 2s

    Herkules 2 Radarbewegungsmelder

    The Hercules 2s microwave motion detector has been specially developed for use on…

  • LBDoor

    As well as providing reliable monitoring of closing edges on sliding and industrial doors,…

  • LBGate

    LBGate Lichtschranke

    Our LBGate light barrier protects gates, revolving and sliding doors, escalators and…

  • Reflex 2

    Merkur 2 Radarbewegungsmelder

    The Reflex 2 stands out thanks to its incredible versatility on practically every…

  • MicroSense

    PIR 20 Passivinfrarot-Bewegungsmelder

    The MicroSense can be used flexibly on automatic doors, lifts, escalators and moving…

  • ThermoSense

    PIR 30 Passivinfrarot-Bewegungsmelder

    ThermoSense is a motion detector used in the door and gate area.

  • PrimeMotion

    PrimeMotion C Radarsensor

    The PrimeMotion microwave motion detector opens and closes sliding doors reliably.…

  • PrimeScan

    PrimeScan Aktivinfrarot-Präsenzmelder

    The PrimeScan active infrared curtain ensures optimum protection of the area at the side…

  • PrimeTec

    PrimeTec Bewegungs- und Präsenzmelder

    The PrimeTec is a combined motion and presence detector. It makes the process of opening…

  • ProLoop

    ProLoop Schleifendetektoren

    The ProLoop detects metallic vehicles of all kinds. The induction loops laid in the ground…

  • Safety Controllers

    ESGate und ESD Schaltgeräte

    Safety controllers from BBC Bircher Smart Access are responsible for reliably processing…

  • Electrical Sensing Edges

    Druckempfindliche Schaltleisten

    Safety edges from BBC Bircher Smart Access provide the switching pulse. They protect…

  • Safety Mats

    Taktile Schaltmatten

    Contact mats from BBC Bircher Smart Access guarantee reliable start-up and deactivation of…

  • SpotScan

    SpotScan Anwesenheitsmelder

    The AIR presence detector from BBC Bircher Smart Access protects the closing edges on…

  • TopScan

    TopScan Aktivinfrarot-Präsenzmelder

    The TopScan active infrared presence detector serves to reliably detect stationary and…

  • UniScan

    UniScan active infrared presence detector for swing and revolving doors

    Whether on a swing door or a revolving door: the UniScan presence detector from BBC…

  • RC Duo 2 Remote Control

    RegloBeam Fernbedienung

    The RC Duo 2 remote control from BBC Bircher Smart Access is the ideal supplementary…