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Access gate at the entrance of company premises

Site entrance gate

  • Convenient activation with induction loops or microwave motion detectors
  • Certified safety thanks to safety edges and light barriers

Site entrance gates

BBC Bircher Smart Access provides you with all the components you will need for your site entrance gate to work properly. Tried-and-tested loop detectors are used to activate the gate in good time. They reliably evaluate the induction loops laid in the ground and detect every approaching vehicle at an early stage. Having electrical sensing edges mounted on the closing edges ensures that a high level of safety is achieved for both people and vehicles.

Activation and protection of site entrance gates

The following products are ideally suited to this application area:


Loop detectors
ProLoop Lite


Overview brochure


Light barriers

Electrical sensing edge system
Sensing edges

Signal evaluation
Safety Controllers


Sensor solutions for site entrance gates



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