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  • For activation and safety
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for escape and rescue routes

DualSense - Intelligent sensors for interior and exterior sliding doors

DualSense is the simple solution for activating and safeguarding automatic sliding door systems for people in accordance with EN 16005. Even the standard version of the sensor is suitable for all conceivable requirements, including escape and rescue routes. The sophisticated operating concept with intuitive menu navigation and a large display makes installation quick and easy. The sensor's configuration options also include functions for optimizing the building's energy efficiency.

DualSense D

Radar module (activation):

The radar module can be fully adjusted depending on the environment. Adjustments can be made to avoid interference from environmental factors by configuring the field dimensions and field alignment, direction sensing and filters. The ability to ignore passing traffic prevents unwanted door openings and reduces the building's energy consumption. DualSense D offers various radar outputs as standard, which can be used to set up a door system for escape and rescue routes.

AIR module (protection):

In the DualSense D, the AIR module protects people at the main closing edges of the door. Adjustments to the field dimensions and field alignment are possible. The sensitivity can be set to suit the installation height and the floor finish. Specific requirements in particular environments can be met by increasing or decreasing the sensor teach-in time.


DualSense S

AIR module (protection):

DualSense S is a supplementary solution for places where only the AIR presence detector is required, for example if the secondary closing edges of a door may come into contact with people when opening. The operating concept and technical features of the AIR module correspond to those for the DualSense D.


Smarte solution for escape and rescue routes

For safe automatic doors in the event of fire: DualSense D offers a frequency output and a voltage output for the radar as standard.

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