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Pressure wave switch

  • Very fast switching behaviour and high switching reliability
  • Straightforward and robust design
  • Millions of units successfully in service

Pneumatic pressure wave profiles for enhanced safety in public transport

The pressure wave system stands out thanks to its high level of response sensitivity, which enables it to protect people and vehicles from practically all directions. Due to their robustness and durability, these switches are also really impressive when used as opening sensors for automatic gates and vehicle doors on buses and trains.

Just a slight pressure of 3 to 4 mbar on the sensor is all that is needed to guarantee reliable switching. Pressure-wave switch systems are practically failsafe and maintenance-free, plus they offer a particularly favourable price-performance ratio.

Use on vehicle access systems

The sensitive pressure wave profiles on bus, train and tram access systems switch even when minimal pressure is applied, thus guarding against unintentional closing procedures.

Pressure wave sensors – the good contact for achieving safety

Pressure wave profiles

When pressure is applied to the profile, the air volume it contains is compressed in a pulsed manner and this generates a pressure wave. This wave passes through the connecting hose into the pressure wave switch, where it triggers the contact.


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