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Group of Bircher Reglomat microwave motion detectors

Microwave motion detector

  • Various adjustment options for field dimensions and geometry
  • Avoidance of unwanted door opening operations thanks to cross traffic masking

Microwave technology – Efficient activation of automatic doors and gates

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with an unusually high frequency. The microwave motion detector, which works according to the Doppler principle in the 24 GHz microwave range, detects moving objects, irrespective of their temperature.

People or moving objects (min. 10 cm/s) throw the frequency being emitted and received out of balance. This difference in frequencies is evaluated and transmitted as a switching pulse via relays or electronic contacts. As a result, almost all moving objects can be detected. 

The following motion detectors are based on microwave technology:

        Herkules 2E


        Merkur 2


        PrimeMotion B

        PrimeMotion C

        ArtMotion 2

        RK 30

        Helios 2T


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