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PrimeTec motion and presence detector


  • Field up to four metres wide with very flexible field adjustments
  • Easy and quick to integrate thanks to user-friendly operation

PrimeTec combined detector

The PrimeTec combines two complementary technologies in one device.

Tried-and-tested microwave technology is used for opening automatic doors. At the same time, the active infrared curtain protects people and objects at crushing and shearing points on the door. Various functions can be adjusted in line with the situation, such as the field geometry of the active infrared curtain and the radar.

In addition, cross traffic masking can be activated in order to prevent mis-tripping.

More on the technology

PrimeTec activates and secures a sliding door

Use on sliding doors

The PrimeTec activates the door on one side, protecting the primary closing edge at the same time with its infrared curtain. On the other side of the door, PrimeMotion takes on the role of an opening sensor.

PrimeTec A 

The reliable solution for activating and protecting sliding doors. The active infrared curtain used for person protection is self-monitoring and is tested every time before the door panel closes. The PrimeTec A has been certified in accordance with EN 16005 and DIN 18650.

PrimeTec B 

The complete motion and presence detector for activating and protecting sliding doors. The PrimeTec B has been certified in accordance with EN 16005 and attains performance level PLd, cat. 2. 

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Success Story

Sliding doors on the high seas: PrimeTec with IP65 protection